Time to Get Comfortable

8 Jul

ECO Velura™

Kanata Blanket Company is continuing their work to incoporate more sustainable materials into their promotional product line.

Items like the eco-fleece travel blanket and eco-fleece explorer already make very nice use of more sustainable materials, such as Repreve, a 100% recycled polyester fiber made from items such as old water bottles and other “post-consumer products out of the waste stream” as noted on the Repreve website.

The new ECO Velura™ plush throw might not be the best promotional item to talk about when it is currently over 100 degrees outside my office, but it is one of the best sustainable material throws I have yet to see.

Currently the ECO Velura™ is only 30% Repreve® (recycled polyester), however any use of Repreve®  in our industry is something to take notice of, as it shows more of a growing acceptance to this material by manufacturers. Since Kanata has been making some of the nicest blankets on the market – for both retail and promo – for over 18 years, I suspect others in our industry will move to follow their lead.

Back to the blanket itself. It is lovely. It is cozy. It is everything an heirloom blanket needs to be. And each 50″ x 60″ blanket actually recycles 4 plastic bottles. The blankets are perfect for both embroidery and patches.

ECO Bamboo Roll Gift Box Option

They run in two colors only, a Camel in pantone 7407U, and a Navy in pantone 295C.

As a gift item Kanata offers over 42 packaging options including Kanata’s ECO Bamboo Roll, ECO Recycled Wrap, ECO Seagrass Basket (Eco friendly seagrass is a sustainable fiber and can be kept and used as a storage basket, but when it is time to dispose of this basket, it is also biodegradable and recyclable).

If you are in the business and have questions, Shirley Lee at Kanata Blanket is the contact to talk to.

If you are interested in ECO fleece items to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.


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