Bamboo Lanyardz with Cell Phone Holder

14 Jun

Bamboo Lanyardz with Cell Phone Holder

Looking for a little cellphone bling that conveys your company’s sustainability message? The new Bamboo Lanyardz with Phone Caddie from CrazyCordz is here to help you out.

Basically what you have in the  Bamboo Lanyardz is your standard flat woven bamboo lanyard at 3/4″ wide and 36″ in length (optional to 44″) with a screen printed imprint. The cellphone caddie can be added to any run for an additional $0.60 per unit. Also there is an option for a  iPod holder as well – which I think is great idea for the campus crowd.

The Bamboo Lanyardz can also be tagged with a stock 100% eco label as show in the photo (I would rather this have been a stock 100% bamboo or sustainable materials label, but maybe that will come next year), and imprinting on the caddie pocket itself is possible.

For a sustainable lanyard the  Bamboo Lanyardz comes in a number of color options, including Black, Natural White, Pearl PMS 468, Leaf PMS 575, and Fudge PMS 499.

Ok a cellphone caddie might not be the coolest cellphone add-on , but they are amazingly useful for folks that need to keep their cell phone handy while keeping their hands free. I think the Bamboo Lanyardz with Phone Caddie is a great idea for participant kits at seminars. I think it is a great tradeshow giveaway – maybe teamed with a sustainable material jotter – letting folks have ready access to their cells while they walk the convention floor, and all the while publishing your brand.

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about Bamboo Lanyardz contact Karen Slabotsky at CrazyCordz. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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