Do You Want a Tree with That?

2 Jun

Make Plant-A-Tree Cards part of your next promotion and enhance your company's image while assisting the Earth.

Plant-A-Tree cards from MediaTree are an interesting way to build your brand and communicate your sustainability goals, while helping to plant trees in communities around the globe that truly need them.

Your client gets a branded card – as a thank you note, as an information piece, as a promo piece, etc. The back of the card gives a URL address and a promo code which allows a donation of a tree to be made in their name. Simple.

Because of the wide range of non-profits and reforestation organizations in partnership with MediaTree, this idea can match a need for a local community or a national or international organization that is focused on a global concern, perhaps deforestation issues in South America or Asia.

Currently, trees may be donated for planting in areas as far afield as Belize, Bolivia, Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, the Philippines, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia. Project areas do change and are often updated, so keep an eye on the MediaTree website or ask them what can be developed for the communities you serve.

How have clients of MediaTree used the Plant-A-Tree cards? In one case study offered on the Plant-A-Tree website, Embassy Suites® used the cards to showcase their certified as Green Lodging hotels and to communicate their commitment to sustainability on a simple and impactful platform. The Associated Students of the University of California used the cards as a thank you for first time meeting attendees.

What I like most about these cards is that you do not need the card. The information URL and id code for the Plant-A-Tree program can easily per printed on existing collateral materials. Think about it. Say you are printing your annual report to shareholders. You want to showcase your sustainability message. Why not print something as simple as “Only sustainable resources were used to create this report, however some forests are indeed in trouble. Please use this code to plant a tree to help forests in need.”

On any paper product – soft drink cups, pocket folders, flyers – a message like that is really going one step beyond in a company’s commitment to sustainability.

For more information on Plant-A-Tree cards contact Bill Grassmyer. If you are looking to purchase Plant-A-Tree cards for your own business contact your local promotional items distributor or email for samples and pricing.

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