Primeline® develops Eco-Responsible™ Numbering System

27 May

[Jeff Lederer, President of Prime Resources sent us this quick explanation of the new Eco-Responsible™ Numbering System implemented at Prime Resources. It is an interesting take on educating the public and their clients on the sustainability efforts at Prime. I decided to put a copy here. Contact Jeff with questions.]

In an effort to assist distributors through the increasingly thorny world of “green” products, Prime Line® has developed the Eco-Responsible™ Numbering System. This system was developed as part of our commitment to offering environmentally friendly products, practices and resources to ensure a better future for our planet. Products that fall in the below categories are identified with special icons displaying the corresponding number:

  1. Recycled: We only make recycling claims when materials destined for disposal are reclaimed and converted into new products.
  2. Bioplastic: We tell you what percent of a product is made from a renewable resource so you won’t be mislead.
  3. Organic: We tell you which portion of our product is organic so you don’t have to guess.
  4. Natural: We let you know when a product is made from natural materials and exactly what the ingredients are.
  5. Reusable: We tell you when a product was created with the intent to be used in place of a disposable item.
  6. Reduced Materials: We identify products that are manufactured with less material and what those improvements are.
  7. Material Substitution: We tell you when we replace materials with environmentally safe ingredients and indicate what portion has been replaced.
  8. Energy Substitution: We let you know when a product is created with greener energy and what kind of energy was used.
  9. Energy Reduction: We identify products manufactured using less energy and tell you what we know about it.
  10. Reduced Packaging: We promote ways to reduce the packaging of our products and tell you the benefit this has.

Full details regarding Prime’s Numbering system as well as additional information regarding our Eco-Responsible™ commitment can be found at

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