Wearing Soybeans This Spring

25 May


I think my new favorite sustainable materials shirt has got to be the Men’s Soybean Cotton Spandex Jersey Polo from Ash City.

This blended fabric shirt not only looks great and takes an embroidery great, the material blend being used by Ash City, a mix of cotton, soybean, and spandex, gives this shirt one of the most luxurious feels I have ever experienced in apparel design for our industry.

First we need to address the soybean claim that is part of this shirt title. The claim comes from the use of Azlon in this shirt, with a ratio of 52% cotton, 43% azlon, 5% spandex for a 5.3 oz. material shirt. Azlon is a  synthetic textile fiber composed of protein material derived from natural proteins, in the case of the Men’s Soybean Cotton Spandex Jersey Polo from Ash City, the protein in question is from soybean.

The Men’s Soybean Cotton Spandex Jersey Polo is very lightweight, but seems to wear a bit warmer that a standard 5.3 oz cotton polo. And I am not the only person that thinks this, as the warmth point also is mention in the encyclopedia entry for azlon.


Used in apparel fabrics, azlon is soft and warm to the wearer. It absorbs moisture, does not accumulate static electricity, and does not become matted. It is chiefly used in blends with other fibres, contributing soft hand (characteristics perceived by handling) to fabrics for such apparel as coats, suits, and knitwear,” – www.britannica.com

Ash City offers their soybean creation (yes I know it is only partly soybean) in both a ladies’ and men’s cut with a retail price of around $35, so quality to quality is actually a bit less than a brand name traditional materials polo aimed at the same corporate apparel demographic. So, like most other polos in the Ash City e.c.o. line, the Men’s Soybean Cotton Spandex Jersey Polo offers the option of going green without necessarily spending more green.

For more information on the complete Ash City e.c.o. collection contact Chris Clark at Ash City USA. If you are looking to purchase Ash City e.c.o items for your own business contact your local promotional items distributor or  email info@proformagreen.com for samples and pricing.

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