The Cheapest Pen is the Recycled Pen

16 May

All-In-One Industry BOGOF Flyer

From flash drives to shower timers to USB drives, All-In-One has a pretty good selection of sustainable material promotional products in their ECO line, but by no means would I say that All-In-One is primarily a sustainable solutions provider when it comes to their entire market line.

That is not meant to be a dig at All-In-One, indeed most of our industry’s leaders, companies like Norwood, Leeds, Gemline, Debco, etc., offer sustainable materials promotional items as an augmentation to their traditional lines, not as a foundation for their entire business. (The closest larger manufacturer to flipping this relationship is likely QuickPoint, where most items seem to be sustainable in some way.)

All that is prelude to a discussion about the latest All-In-One BUY ONE GET ONE FREE pen promotion. Because regardless what the skeptics might say about sustainable or eco or green items being the more expensive choice, it is interesting to point out that in this latest BUY ONE GET ONE FREE from All-In-One, it is the 100% recycled Eco Max Recycled Pen™ that is the cheapest click style pen on offer. In the current BOGOF special the Eco Max Recycled Pen™ is only $0.18 per unit EQP when you incorporate the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE pricing.

Eco Max Recycled Pen™

And to top it off the Eco Max Recycled Pen™ is a great pen. Unlike recycled paper barrel pens the Eco Max Recycled Pen™ is solid 100% recycled plastic, and is not going to break if you sit down with the pen in your pocket or fall apart if you occasionally use it to stir sugar into your morning coffee. The Eco Max Recycled Pen™ barrel is one solid tube of 100% recycled plastic, so there is no nib cap that might screw-off, nor a top and bottom section to the barrel that loosen from each other over time. This thing is a total work horse.

If the pen has a drawback it is that it comes only in a  no-processed, tan colored recycled plastic, so it is a recycled material pen that looks recycled (in a good way). Again, if your organization has sustainability as part of your core branding, then this pen should work perfect for your business.

It is really nice to see when the right choice is also the pen at the right price. Bravo All-In-One.

If you are an ASI member Marietta Pugliese is the contact to talk to at All-in-One. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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