Water Bottle Jacket Hit at Live Green Expo

18 Apr


The Ash City 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket was a crowd pleaser at this weekend’s Live Green Expo in Plano, Texas.

Part of the Ash City e.c.o. line, the 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester. This material is mainly derived from water bottles and other items made from Polythylene Terephthalate that are recycled into new materials like the recycled content jackets and shirts sold by Ash City.

The Live Green Expo is held each year in Plano as a venue designed to educate the people of North Texas on the many different ways they can choose to “go green” in their daily life. Proforma Green Marketing attends the Live Green Expo each year to help educate the audience to the fact that from apparel to promo to printing, there is likely a better more sustainable marketing solution for the items most companies are already using.

This brings us back to the 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket. Really the only difference between this jacket and others sold by our industry is that the 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket is simply made from reclaimed materials. Jacket to jacket the quality of the 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket is the same or better than other light weight jackets on the market. The pricing is about the same, the choice of colors about the same, etc.

Indeed the fastest way to start a conversation at the Live Green Expo seemed to be to point at the 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket in our display and say “water bottle”. That would stop show attendees in their tracks and allow us a chance to tell them about our unique “going green” message.

Matching 65% Recycled Polyester Performance Waffle Polo

If you are an organization with a core belief in sustainability, using items like the 88136 Men’s Light Weight Recycled Jacket and other apparel from the Ash City e.c.o line is a simple way to tie your organization’s outward appearance, indeed outward projection, to those core beliefs.

For more information on the complete Ash City e.c.o. collection contact Chris Clark at Ash City USA. If you are looking to purchase Ash City e.c.o items for your own business contact your local promotional items distributor or  email info@proformagreen.com for samples and pricing.

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