Debco’s Jute-Non Woven Shopping Bags

4 Apr


A  while back I wrote an article on how the NW4300 from Debco Solutions was one of our best selling bags. It was because the extra pocket that Debco added to the NW4300 allowed for a larger print area, while still providing full handle support for the bags.

With the NW4873 Jute-Non Woven Shopping Tote Debco repeats this trick by adding a pocket to the front of this 12″x13″x8″ jute blend shopper. Jute-Non Woven shopper are becoming more common in the industry as they provide the natural feel of jute with the strength of your standard non-woven polypropylene bag.

The NW4873 comes in a natural or sage green bag, both with stylish black accents. Because of their fabric mix the bags are lightweight, strong, and have that “natural” feel you just do not get with a pure polypropylene bag.

This is the perfect farmers market bag, but it also works for health spas, or any other venue looking for an affordable bag with a natural feel.

If you are an ASI distributor Jeremy Rich is the contact to talk to at Debco. If you are interested in NW4873 totes to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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