Green Biker Motorcycle Rest

29 Mar

King Size Circle Recycled Tire Bike Puck (5")

With the motorcycle moving from the street to the art salon as this classic of American folklore continues to expand with ever more elaborate custom cycles, you have to ask yourself, will my $45,000 custom chopper scratch my new reclaimed hardwood floors?

Seriously,  how often do we get to pair up green and motor grease? When most people think eco they do not then jump right to custom cycles.

However given the same ingredients, the folks at Americanna – home of the World Famous Circle Retread Jar Opener – thought, hey let’s beef this puppy up to 3 millimeters and make it into a chopper kick-stand stop.

And there you have it, the 3 millimeter, 100% recycled tire, King Size Circle Recycled Tire Bike Puck from Americanna. Designed at 5in wide and custom printable on both sides, it is “Rugged, inexpensive & indestructible!”, just like the riders it serves.

Ok, this is a great promo item for bike clubs and bike dealers, also for rally races and other summer bike events. Why? At EQP $0.41 the King Size Circle Recycled Tire Bike Puck gives a huge imprint area to cost ratio, it is a practical item people will use, and it really is pretty much indestructible, so if a client likes it, they will carry your brand, and your marketing message all the way down the road.

They are also mailable – hello bike shops with targeted mailer programs – and they do double duty as a really fine beer coaster, assuming your bikers drink beer.

The King Size Circle Recycled Tire Bike Puck is a seriously fun idea.

If you are an ASI member Michelle Stiles is the contact to talk to at Americanna. If you are interested in the FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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