Bamboo Golf Divot from Debco

20 Mar

G7065 Bamboo Golf Divot Tool

The weather is starting to improve in much of the country, and many organizations are gearing up for their annual golf events.

The new G7065 Bamboo Golf Divot Tool from Debco Solutions makes a nice event thank you gift and is a greener alternative to traditional  promotional divot tools made of PVC and other plastics.

The natural bamboo feel and finish of the G7065 Bamboo Golf Divot Tool give this item a high perceived value while still being very affordable at $2.08 EQP.

Additionally a bamboo divot tool, I think, works with the entire golf fantasy of a sport rooted in nature (never mind those long rolling greens are usually 100% man-made, reserved for only a few people (unlike a public park) and normally extraordinarily labor and water intensive to maintain).

My own issues with golf aside, the annual event tournament, whether for the local Lions Club or a big name celebrity event, is often a great way for organizations to raise needed funds and awareness for their causes.

If those events can also add a small measure of green to their tournament as well, by using more eco-friendly branding vehicles like the G7065 Bamboo Golf Divot Tool, then that is just another bonus of a beautiful day out on custom made greens.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on the  G7065 Bamboo Golf Divot Tool, contact Jeremy Rich at Debco.

If you are interested in this item to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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