Japan and Flashdrive Market

14 Mar

[Following the tragic news from Japan our office has been swapped with emails from USB Flash Drive suppliers, trying to educate our clients and our office on how the market for flashdrives, eco and traditional, will be impacted. Mostly they say the same thing. The letter from All-In-One additionally mentioned how to help Japan via a link to the Red Cross, so that is the release I am posting.]

Photo released by Japanese Red Cross Society


We all watched helplessly as the nation of Japan suffered unimaginable devastation from earthquakes and tsunamis last week. The impact of this natural disaster has been felt worldwide and extends to our business here at All-In-One.

Japan manufactures 50% of the circuit boards used to make USB flash drives. With Japan unable to manufacture these necessary components of flash memory, China has reported a 30-50% increase in flash memory prices overnight along with immediate shortages. We are working diligently to determine how to minimize the impact to you and are committed to communicating additional information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your partnership with All-In-One, and we look forward to working through this challenge together.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan for a speedy recovery.

To help victims of the Disaster, please visit the American Red Cross.

Harris Cohen
President & CEO

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