Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit

12 Mar

Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit

Walking through the office the other day I came across one of these Mini Bamboo Blossom Kits from Illini Line on a colleague’s desk. You know a promotional item is really good when we cannot even get the samples out of the office.

The Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit is not only good, it is downright darling. The 3 1/16″ Dia. x 2 7/8″ pot is terra cotta in coloring but actually made of 100% biodegradable bamboo, of which Illini makes the following claim on their website:

“Decomposition is a slow process in which the pot begins to age and small cracks become visible. Once the pot begins decomposing, transfer your plant with the pot into the ground. This will prevent transplant shock. If kept indoors the bamboo pots will begin to decompose after 3 years; if outdoors they will begin to decompose after 2 years. If tossed in the trash they will completely biodegrade within 6 months.”

The Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit comes standard with one imprint possible on pot as well as matching imprint on top of packaging. I think that is a nice bonus.

Like most grow kit style gifts the Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit comes with everything the recipient needs to get started i.e. seed packet, peat pellet, directions, and pot. Just add water and you are in business.

I think these items are great for corporate “greening” programs (great for the cubicle), realtors (great new home sale thank you), and of course the garden center (great event giveaway).

I also really like this idea for schools. Students at any age could get their plants started in the classroom, maybe as part of a larger life science curriculum, and they transfer the living plant to their own home once the project is over. A second part of the project could be studying the natural breakdown of the pot and how different conditions impact the pot’s decomposition.

If you are looking for more information on the Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit talk to Julie Fischer at Illini. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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