New 18oz. Slider Carnival Cup From Glass America

21 Feb
18 oz. Purple Slider Lid Carnival Mug Straw Out

18 oz. Purple Slider Lid Carnival Mug Straw Out

A new product is being added to the very popular Carnival Cup line from Glass America. The 18 oz. Slider Lid Carnival Cup is new for 2011 and brings two nice added features: it is larger, and it does not spill.

The Carnival Cup from Glass America (or similar Spirit Tumbler from The Express Line) are styled after standard fountain drink cups, but made from BPA-free double walled acrylic. This design of a reusable tumbler that looks like a cup remains one of the best-selling reusable drinkware products on the market.

But the design has a flaw.

Even though they featured a screw-top lid that is nearly 100% watertight, there is a hole in the top of that lid where the straw is placed. If you drop the tumbler, there is a good chance of the product leaking via this hole.

18 oz. Hot Pink Slider Lid Carnival Cup

18 oz. Hot Pink Slider Lid Carnival Cup Straw In

If you look at the new 18 oz. Slider Lid Carnival Cup you see a passover trigger has been added to the cup. When not in use the straw is tucked safety into this trigger. (Honestly, the only other place I have seen a similar setup is in my little girl’s Dora The Explorer sippy cup.) So no more spills.

Other than the new top, and larger size, the 18 oz. Slider Lid Carnival Cup is the same basic unit as the 16 oz. Carnival Cup.

The larger imprint area is 4in x 2.5in on both the back and front of the tumbler.  Colors are Aqua Blue, Clear, Hot Pink, Orange, and Purple.

The wider top and larger capacity on the 18 oz. Slider Lid Carnival Cup make them a great beverage holder for soft drinks and ice tea, because the big top works well for adding ice.

These items, like their predecessors, are a great idea for companies starting reduce and reuse programs at the office, as the design is all about replacing standard cups with like looking reusable tumblers.

Those in the beverage industry and food services should also consider the Carnival Cup design for giveaways. This is the type of item that travels with the recipient from work to home to play, always keeping your brand in front of your client.

If you are an ASI distributor Helen Henderson is the contact to talk to at Glass America, which also goes by the name Modern Glass. Nicki Russo is the contact to talk to at express line.

If you are not in the promotional items business and interested in either item to promote your own business or organization, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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