Made In USA: Evolve Mugs From Evans Manufacturing

30 Jan

Evolve Biodegradable Low Rider Mug

Starting in 2011 I have decided to start including blogs on Made In the USA items to this site. The decision was made not for any jingoistic purpose, instead for the simple fact that promotional items made and sold in the USA simply have less distance to travel between production and use, and that often translates to a smaller carbon footprint than items being made overseas and set to the US.

Going forward being only Made in the USA will likely be enough to include an item on this blog, if I think the item is worth the mention, and especially when the item competes favorably with an similar imported item. So let me hear about them.

To start with, however, I am going to revisit the Evolve series of drinkware from Evans Manufacturing. These mugs and tumblers are both Made in the USA (much of the product from Evans is made in USA) and eco-friendly as they are created from Evolve plastic, a biodegradable material.

From the Evans Manufacturing catalog, “Biodegradable material works by encouraging and supporting the bacteria present when products naturally biodegrade to convert the base materials of the plastic into a food source for microbes, with no harmful or toxic residues. These biodegradable properties only become active once the mugs have reached a managed and biologically active landfill.”

Evans carries four Evolve biodegradable drinkware items, the 4000E Evolve Twister Mug, 4010E Evolve Twister Tumbler, and the more robust 4008E Evolve Good Time Mug, and 4035E Evolve Low Rider Mug.

4010E Evolve Twister Tumbler

4010E Evolve Twister Tumbler

All are FDA-approved, come in six solid colors – Salsa, Antique Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Sand Stone, and Sage – and each feature a Sand Stone colored spill-resistant lid. The Evolve material has done a bit of evolving of its own, when first introduced most Evolve drinkware was hand wash only. This new generation is at least top-rack dishwasher safe. Most mugs have this rule printed on their base along with the Evolve Trademark and the word Biodegradable.

All the Evolve units from Evans, minus the 4035E Evolve Low Rider Mug, offer the possibility of a wrap around imprint area, which is as large as 2″ H x 10″ W on the 4010E Evolve Twister Tumbler, which is to say huge. All drinkware comes in individual polybags as well, which is something Evans might want to rethink, or change to eco-friendly packaging like Norwood did for most of their goingreen line. Nothing is worse than making a point to order earth friendly promotional items, only to have them delivered with a bunch of not friendly trash.

Evans is not the only company manufacturing Evolve mugs, but they are one of the few doing so in the USA.

If you are an ASI member with questions about the Evolve line from Evans, Melissa Gomez is the contact to talk to. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information, samples, and pricing.

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