Cowboys Stadium Gets Greener

27 Jan

[Reprinting of Press Release sent to our office by Tina Wells on behalf of Totally Green Inc and Dallas Cowboys]

Cowboys Stadium Gets Greener

Oklahoma Environmental Company Inks Deal with the Dallas Cowboys

ARLINGTON, Tex. (January 27, 2011) – The Dallas Cowboys and Totally Green Inc. (Pink Sheets: TLGN) announced today that they’ve entered into a five-year sponsorship agreement. It’s one of the highest profile deals to date for Totally Green, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based environmental innovation company, and a significant step for the Dallas Cowboys sustainability efforts.

As marketing partners, the two organizations have the expertise to extend the reach of high-priority green initiatives that so many American corporations are striving to implement. An ORCA GreenTM Machine has already been installed in Cowboys Stadium where over two million fans a year come for games, concerts, tours and entertainment. This state-of-the-art bio-composting reactor manufactured in Tulsa, Okla. by Totally Green Inc. is being used by Legends Hospitality, the food and beverage provider for Cowboys Stadium. The reactor turns organic waste that would have ended up in a landfill – up to 2,400 pounds per day – into nutrient-rich grey water within 48 hours.

“The Dallas Cowboys strive to be the best in all endeavors undertaken by our organization both on and off the field,” said Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys. “We are committed to staying on the leading edge by embracing environmentally friendly practices at Cowboys Stadium. Adopting the technology Totally Green has developed is another way we can make a difference for our community.”

The ORCA GreenTM Machine works by utilizing non-hazardous microorganisms in conjunction with biochips. It comes in three sizes, suited to meet the needs of most industrial kitchens, and is fully self-contained.

Use of composting practices is widespread in Europe and Asia, but still rare in the American marketplace. The Dallas Cowboys organization is the first U.S. sports franchise to install one of the sophisticated reactors. Rob Phillips, president of Totally Green, said he expects significant growth of the company because the ORCA GreenTM Machine enables businesses to go green and stay in the black.

“With our uniquely advanced system, customers dramatically reduce garbage disposal costs, tipping fees, and water and energy usage,” Phillips explained. “The ORCA GreenTM Machine makes good financial sense and, because it reduces the amount of garbage sent to landfills, it makes good environmental sense.”

Totally Green was founded in 2003, as Naturally Iowa LLC. The company, which became known as Totally Green after a recapitalization in 2010, also produces a line of bottled water with Ingeo™ bottles made exclusively from plant-based materials. Totally Green’s “Green Bottle Spring Water” Ingeo™ bottles degrade completely in industrial-grade compost piles in as little as 30 days and can be processed in the ORCA GreenTM Machine as well.

A variety of organizations nationwide currently use Totally Green products in their daily operations including the United States Departments of the Interior, Agriculture, and State; the General Services Administration, the United States Capitol, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s corporate headquarters in New York City and Emory University. Several food processing plants like Whole Foods also utilize the ORCA GreenTM Machine to process scraps and minimize their environmental impact.


At Totally Green Inc., we feel a strong responsibility to protect our environment by being a pioneer in the introduction of compostable bottles into the marketplace and as well as providing an alternative to landfills and other waste disposal options. For more information on what we do, please visit

Cowboys Stadium is the largest, most technologically advanced entertainment venue in the world.  Designed by HKS and built by Manhattan Construction, the $1.2 billion stadium features two monumental arches, the world’s largest HDTV video board, a world-class contemporary art collection, an expansive retractable roof and the largest retractable end zone doors in the world.  Features of the stadium include seating for 80,000 and expandable to 100,000, over 300 luxury suites, club seating on multiple levels and the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, open to the public year round.  In addition to being the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the stadium will host Super Bowl XLV in 2011 and the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball Final Four as well as high school and college football, concerts and special events.  For more information, go to

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