Recycled Trash Becomes Speakers

24 Jan
T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System

T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System

Office just got a heads-up on the new T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System from Hirsch Gift. Basically it turns anything into a speaker. ANYTHING. How is that for recycling?

Seriously, it might be a bit gimmicky, and I am not going to call this eco-friendly, but in an educational setting, talking about recycling, how cool would this be in terms of getting the crowd awake and involved.

Additionally it can make a speaker everywhere, which means you don’t have to carry or ship speakers anywhere.

For example, we do a lot of work for the Combined Federal Campaign. The first thing my co-worker said when she saw the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System was, wouldn’t this be a great item to send in a care package to the troops.

Love the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System? Want the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System? If you’re in the business, ASI contact is Robert De Veau, a really, really nice guy. Also take a look at the EcoLution Line from Hirsch Gift. Hirsch was one of the first to market with recycled and renewable material USB drives and other products.

Here is the video. Cool, cool, cool. (Note you will need to see it on YOUTUBE as the video contains SONY music cuts.) If you are interested in the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System to promote your own business – a total slam dunk for anybody selling anything in a box, cup, or container – contact your local promotional items representative or email for information, samples, and pricing.

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