Shepenco Adds Tires To Encore Recycled Pen Line

19 Jan

Shepenco Encore Line

Apparently if you are looking for informational bytes on tire disposal, the thing to do is ask a pen company. But not any pen company. Ask Shepenco, a business leader in promotional writing items since 1933.

According to Shepenco, it seems that each year over 2 billion tires are sent to scrap in the USA, and that globally 1 tire is discarded per person each year. A quick peak at the U.S. Census Population Clock puts the current global population at 6.8 billion and rising, so yes, that is a heck of a lot of tires.

A very, very small, but promising tick at that growing pile of tires is the new RE-TIRED™ Stick Pen that Shepenco is adding to their already popular Encore Recycled Pen line.

Each RE-TIRED™ Stick Pen contains at least 30% tire material, or saying this another way, each tire saved from the scrap heap makes roughly 10,000 RE-TIRED™ tire pens.

Like the rest of the Encore line, the new RE-TIRED™ Stick Pen is just a pen, fulfilling all the necessary requirements of a normal writing instrument.

But if you’re, say, a car dealer, or trucking company, or dare I say TIRE MANUFACTURER, hey, then this is the promo pen for you.

The imprint area of the Encore line is 3⁄4″ x 2″, which is a good size that can take your message around the arc of the imprinted space.

Other recycled Encore pens are made from U.S. currency (green body), denim (blue body), and newspaper (white body).  The black RE-TIRED™ Stick Pen comes standard with black ink, while the rest of the line comes with a standard blue ink.

All pens are priced the same, so mixing and matching on large orders is always a possibility.

If you are an ASI member with questions about Shepenco Joyce Allen is the contact to talk to. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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