News Release: Got Safe Bags?

19 Nov

[Bag Makers issued this release to the promotional products industry on 11/18/2010 via email. Thought it was worth posting. I have also contacted Gemline and Jetline Promo by phone and have been provided documentation on their safety measures and lead-free status. Expect more of this in the coming weeks as topic heats up. If you’re ordering bags from anyone we suggest you ask for third-party safety documentation. Bravo to Bag Makers to move so fast on this issue]

Industry Leader: Big Thunder from Bag Makers

Got Safe Bags? Here’s Our Committment To Sell Safe Bags.

Recent events in the news have drawn attention from some of your customers regarding the product safety of some reusable bags. Here at Bag Makers we want you to know that all of our non-woven polypropylene bags are entirely safe for your customers, including our very popular Big and Little Thunder Totes. What exactly does safe mean?

Each one of our non-woven totes is independently tested and fully compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) –not only today, in which the legal threshold is 300 ppm (parts per million) for lead content, but also come August 2011 when the legal limit drops to just 100 ppm.

While lead is one of the primary heavy metals regulated by the CPSIA, Bag Makers’ has expanded our product safety testing to include other heavy core metals as well, namely mercury, chromium, and cadmium. We’re very pleased to tell you that all of our non-woven totes are heavy metal-free for each of these materials. In addition, this level of compliance also encompasses the imprint inks we use. The truth is, we’ve been fully compliant for years, giving great focus to the quality and safety of the bags you provide to your customers. It’s our commitment to you and our market to offer only the best, safest bags to sell.

Please rest assured we’re hard at work making sure your clients can be completely comfortable about the bags they’re using to promote their business. So the next time they’re looking for safe, reusable bags be sure to show them the Bag Makers line of totes, and give them the peace of mind that comes along with a safe, quality product.

Talk With Our Product Safety Specialist: For more information on our product safety compliance initiatives, we invite you to contact Ms. Christi Policht, Product Safety Compliance Officer here at Bag Makers at 800-458-9031 ext. 3075 or via e-mail at

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