ReTread PDA Holder Stand

18 Nov


Americanna Line is once again expanding their ReTread™ line of promotional items made from recycled tires.

The new FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder is one of the new items available before the holidays that I think would make a great little stocking stuffer.

Like all items in the Retread line the FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder is 100% recyclable material and can be imprinted in five colors, White, Green (PMS360), Blue (PMS660), Orange (PMS166), and Metallic Gold. The FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder can be imprinted with a 100% recycled message or you can add a little stick to the back of each item for a small additional cost.

The folding PDA holder is not a new product for our industry, we have seen them in rubber and leather in the past, but being offered in eco materials is new. This is a great, simple, inexpensive, and mailable promotional item that is also useful. Not a mix you see very often.

Creating an eco-friendly smart phone app? This is a great giveaway. Working on a program in a green technology field like clean energy? Most engineers have fancy phones and again this is a great giveaway. Going after the college kids? Well they all have smart phones it seems, and even if your just the local pizza joint, the FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder is affordable and will keep your name on their desk throughout the school year, so again, a great giveaway.

The FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder has a large 3.75″ x 6.75″ imprint area and can include printed instructions on the holder itself on how to fold together into a stand. Like all ReTread items the FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder is Made in the USA.

If you are an ASI member Michelle Stiles is the contact to talk to at Americanna. If you are interested in the FLAT TIRE™ PDA Holder to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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