Price Of Cotton Totes Is Going Up

11 Nov

Organic Cotton Barrel Duffe

Have you seen the news stories on the rising price of cotton (more)?

And unfortunately, from anecdotal evidence we are seeing at our office, it seems to be hitting organic cotton prices hardest. Some organic cotton items we carried in 2010 are simply not being offered in 2011.

Case in point, let us look at Norwood.

The Organic Cotton Barrel Duffel from Norwood is an organic cotton take on a classic duffel design. The Organic Cotton Barrel Duffel offers a spacious main compartment, simple barrel design with zip closure, and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap.

This is a good size duffel at 18-3/4″w x 15″h x 9″d, Handle: 1-1/2”w x 41-1/4”l (adjustable). The imprint area is 6-1/2″w x 6-1/2″h with full 4 color process imprinting offered, and very cool bonus, this unit is printed only with Eco Ink which Norwood defines as “an all natural environment friendly ink, which is biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. Eco Ink does not contain Phthalates and is soy based”.

In addition the 100% organic cotton duck Organic Cotton Barrel Duffel is on the 24hr free service program from Norwood, which means an order needing no art proof, with one color imprint, can normally be ordered one day and shipped out the next. Not something we see offered on a lot of organic totes.

But that is it in the Norwood 2011 organic line up. The Norwood Organic Cotton Bargain Bag, the Organic Wide Handle Tote, and the Organic Drawstring Backpack are all going away in 2011. I do not know if these bags are being replaced with new items, but right now none will be available in 2011.

Same thing happens when we make calls to some of the other leaders in the industry like Leeds and Gemline, many organic cotton items are going away in 2011, at least for the first half of the year. Indeed my favorite organic cotton cap from Vitronic, just introduced in 2008, is gone for 2011.

So if you have your eye on organic cotton items, whether apparel, totes, or caps, you may want to use some of your year end funds to stock up now.

If you are an ASI distributor D’Anna Zimmer is the contact to talk to at Norwood about the changes to their organic cotton lineup. If you are interested in the Organic Cotton Barrel Duffel to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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