If You See With Your Eye, You Will Buy

8 Nov

Our industry knows the power there is in a sample.

Give the client something they can feel and you are much more likely to close the sale. It seems that researchers at the California Institute of Technology recently found that if you can see and feel a product, you’ll actually pay more for it. A lot more.

I heard this story on MarketPlace Money over the weekend. Check it out for yourself on the MarketPlace.org website. The full study – Pavlovian Processes in Consumer Choice: The PhysicalPresence of a Good Increases Willingness-to-pay – from the California Institute of Technology can be downloaded from their website.

Since Eco-Friendly products often need to clear the quality argument with a new audience or client, I think this study, while not focused on eco-friendly items, does speak to the need to get samples in front of clients whenever possible. Very interesting stuff.

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