Awards From Reclaimed Materials

29 Oct


Awards made from renewable resources such as bamboo and pressed switch grass have been a part of the promotional products market tool kit for a few years now. The Dakota Burl Plaque from ground sunflower husks from Norwood is still one of my favorites.

Now manufacturers such as Visions / Awardcraft are bringing awards from reclaimed materials to the promotional items market as well, and they are just in time for end of the year events.

The FS177 made from recycled wood with a crackled brown coconut shell is a stunning example of this new breed of award from Visions / Awardcraft. Everything about this approximately 7 x 11 3/4 x 2 1/2 award screams one of a kind style, even the fact that I have to write “approximately” in the description.

My point is that each piece of the reclaimed wood used for each of these awards will be different and unique in their approximate size and markings.

In addition, no two bases for these awards will be identical either, as the reclaimed crushed coconut shell pressed to form each base will have a pattern and coloration unique to each base.

Bang. You get a 100% one of a kind creation in each award, plus the eco-friendly bonus of these awards being made from reclaimed materials. EQP on the FS117 at 50 units is $49. Individual units can be ordered for only $57.  This pricing makes the FS117 well priced against other awards that do not carry nearly as high a perceived value, or that can so completely speak to an organization’s eco-friendly responsibility or branding needs.

Created from Recycled Fence Posts.

And the FS177 is not alone.

Visions / Awardcraft currently is using both reclaimed wood – many from fence posts – and crackled brown coconut shell in a number of awards, with over 10 awards off this category listed on their website, plus a number of new ideas in bamboo. They are even dyeing bamboo awards maple to make them look like traditional hardwood awards.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information, the Visions / Awardcraft eco-friendly collection contact is Kelly Stachler.

If you are interested in reclaimed awards to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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