K and R Jute Wine Tote

23 Oct

Jute Wine Tote

Even though it is not yet Halloween, it is certainly time for businesses and groups to start planning for their end of the year gift giving.

The jute NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY WINE BAG tote from K & R Precision Corporation is a great tool for use in planning a gift program for any organization or business looking for a natural angle.

Jute is a renewable, naturally biodegradable vegetable fiber that has been used as a woven material for centuries. In the promotional products industry the material is primarily used for bags and totes, of which the NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY WINE BAG is a perfect example.

The NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY WINE BAG is 4.5”w x 17”h x 4.25”d with an imprint area of 2.25” x 8”. The two-tone construction is a nice touch, as are the bamboo ring style handles. The bag is designed to hold a standard 750ml bottle.

If you are giving wine, especially from a vineyard with an eco-friendly or organic pedigree, the jute NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY WINE BAG might be a better choice than your standard bag. Wine bags work well because you can stage the value of the gift without lessening the presentation, i.e. the big client gets the $140 bottle, the lesser client the $50 bottle, etc., but the packaging and presentation remains the same.

Wine totes are also an idea to consider because their natural tall and lean shape makes a great gift bag for many items that are not wine, from sleeves of bakes fresh cookies, to holiday candy, to BBQ sauce, to fishing lures. Really, everything gets a perceived value boost when given in an imprinted wine tote. (And yes, unexpected items like fishing lures do work very well as the juxtaposition of the item and carrier gives your gift a quirkiness that helps people remember the giver and the brand, and isn’t that the point in the first place?)

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on the NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY WINE BAG contact Melanie Langille at K & R Precision Corporation. If you are interested in wine totes to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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