Calendars, Calendars, Calendars

28 Sep

Looking to run eco-friendly calendars in 2011? Well you better get a move on as most calendar orders really need to be in to your local promotional items vendor by mid-October for best pricing and selections.

It is a funny thing about the promotions industry, August is normally slow, then BANG end of September everything hits: Fall golf tournaments, events like Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween for October, holiday cards for November and December, and end-of-year employee and client gifts. The last quarter of the year is a busy time, so plan ahead.

goingreen custom wall calendar

Ok, back to calendars. The calendar offerings in the goingreen® line from Norwood continue to expand, and for those companies looking for eco-friendly calendar options, Norwood is an excellent place to start.

Why calendars? Even though it is an “old” medium, the statistics for calendars as a branding vehicle continue to impress. Take just one point used in this Norwood sales video aimed at people in my industry. If a calendar is glanced at in an office only 12 times a day, at 365 days per year, that is your brand in front of your audience/client 4,380 times in a year, at a cost of only $0.0005 per viewing, or less than one penny per view.

Yes, that math favors the industry, and yes I am drinking the Kool-Aid. But cut the number in half if you wish and that is still a heck of a lot of “face time” with your audience for very little money. For organizations like Sierra Club, Forest Action Network, and National Arbor Day Foundation – basically any organization or company that can supply their own photos to be added to stock calendars (yes they do that) – an eco-friendly calendar is a simple home run, physically displaying your organization’s green credentials as well as unique photos and brand.

So what stands out in green calendars. I have three examples from Norwood worth a look.

goingreen pocket calendar

The goingreen® Monthly Pocket Planner really starts the line. Pocket planners are great because clients keep them with them at all time. So that keeps your brand and message in front of your client at all times. Again, that is the trick of calendars, they are useful to your audience every day. The 3-1/2″w x 6″h (closed) goingreen® Monthly Pocket Planner comes in standard cover coloring of Espresso, Green Tea, Kohl, Wheat, printed with soy based inks, and is run with a  minimum of 30% recycled content paper (a percentage I would like to see raised). Each page carries a simple going green message, with your decoration added to the outside cover.

For those coming late to the party, the standard goingreen® wall calendar from Norwood is actually part of their guaranteed inventory program, which guarantees inventory in stock on a number of traditional and eco calendars up to an order date of Dec 31st 2010. Additionally the goingreen® wall calendar features easy to use templates for custom monthly and cover artwork, plus 12 additional pre-printed insert pages Norwood refers to as Insights Backmount Selections offering information on themes from First Aid to Identity Theft. This is your standard wall calendar with plenty of added bells and whistles.

If you’re going green and going big, the goingreen® Contractor is a good match for firms working in green construction (video). This huge calendar runs 18″w x 25″h and is printed on 100% recycled paper. Pages show how many days remain in each year, and how many days have passed, and other practical planning tools for construction projects.

If you are an ASI distributor Jim Munkittrick is the contact to talk to at Norwood about calendars. If you are interested in goingreen® products to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing. And hurry, the year is almost over.

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