Raining Rose Drastically Increases Pre-Print Graphic Backdrops

15 Sep

Raining Rose products are made in the USA and feature all natural 66% organic content. The Raining Rose factory is an FDA audited facility. All products have their ingredients listed on the Raining Rose website and on casings. All casings are made from recycled content plastic.   They offer USDA organic certified products and are a great product for any business looking for an eco-friendly leave behind.

Ok, most folks already know that boilerplate statement for Raining Rose. What has got us so excited is that Raining Rose has drastically increased their pre-printed graphic background options. Do you see a theme here? Yet again a manufacturer is offering more for your money through the use of pre-printed designs.

These graphic backdrop wrap pre-prints from Raining Rose add no cost to the run price of their amazing lip balms (I have literally gotten calls at our office from people receiving these items from my clients and asking where they can get more because they are out and now addicted to the quality). And if you check out the Raining Rose graphic site again next week, you will likely see more and different ideas, as Raining Rose constantly updates their backdrop themes based on holidays, seasons, and events.

Currently what is hot is Back-to-School and Halloween, but there are also smart ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and weddings. For an EQP around $0.90 for Raining Rose Premium Lip Balm – featuring ingredients like organic palm oil, beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, flavor or essential oil, organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E, and rosemary extract – these items are very popular giveaways for nearly any event.

FYI, fully custom, full color artwork wraps available on Raining Rose lip balms also make them a great platform to reprint your entire business card contact information. This idea has been popular with real estate agents, insurance brokers, and fitness trainers. Or do a ‘follow me’ theme for social media buffs.  Or simply add your contact information to one of the many great and often changing pre-printed designs.

As always, if you are ASI, PPAI or SAGE and want samples of  Raining Rose products just ask Lisa Waggoner. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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