John Simonetta Named to 2010 ASI Hotlist

7 Sep

I was recently named to the ASI 2010 Hotlist for my focus on green marketing. The ASI hotlist is meant to showcase “… the 41 people who are shaking up the market with new and innovative approaches”.

From the ASI website:

What’s hot now? Social networking, business growth, new marketing strategies, and yes, good-old-fashioned networking.

Indeed, 2010 has brought many shifts to the business world – and the people who are succeeding are approaching the market in new ways. They’re promoting themselves and their companies with innovative tactics, they’re looking for new opportunities and they’re working harder than ever to, very simply, make it happen.

These are the types of people on the 2010 Hot List. It’s a group of savvy networkers, successful businesspeople and driven entrepreneurs who are going to succeed at all costs. Read on to check out their stories.

Thank you ASI.

One Response to “John Simonetta Named to 2010 ASI Hotlist”

  1. Mike Shoaf September 7, 2010 at 4:58 PM #

    Congrats, John! Well-deserved!

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