Winner: Coolest Bag Name Ever

4 Sep

The Claw™. The Claaaaaaw. What a great name.

Whether an evildoer from Toy Story or Inspector Gadget (come on people I have a 3-year-old) this is a name poised with anticipation for mayhem.

However in the case of  The Claw™ from American Ad Bags, I guess we are talking more about an item suited to good than evil. And if some of the current no bag laws pass, this is likely a bag design we will be seeing more of at the local grocery store.

The Claw™ is a non-woven, polypropylene 100 GSM material shopper specially designed to sit inside a standard grocery cart. It is reusable and recyclable (#5 plastic). The Claw™ measures 14” W x 10” Gusset x 14” H with a nice imprint area of 7” W x 3” H. Colors are Red, Blue, and Black.

Basically the bag locks into the position by “The Claw™” clamping onto the side of the grocery cart. When removed from the cart the hard bottom of the “The Claw™” supports the bag in stand-up position, and the bag stretches around groceries easily securing them. When you are all done, “The Claw™” folds into a small compact unit, easily stored in any vehicle for the next trip out.

Yes, you still need to unload and reload at check out, but overall this is a nice step up from standard non-woven totes, and the ability to fold up for storage is a nice touch. “The Claw™” is an easy match for companies in the food, drink, and grocery business. It also would work well for any corporation working on an employee reduce, reuse, recycle program.

LogoMark also offers an in cart style shopping bag, but without the cool name. Theirs is called the Grazie and comes only in black. The LogoMark Grazie is a bit bigger at 22″ W x 15″ H x 10″ D. Here is some video of that unit which demonstrates how these bags work.

If you are in the business and want more information on the “The Claw™” in cart shopping tote talk to Courtney Rasmussen at American Adbag. If you are interested in “The Claw™” or other ideas to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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