An Argument For Reusable Maps

25 Aug

As Seen At Fair Hill

Print a map on paper and it is weak and easily torn. Print a map on a bandanna and it is flexible, packable, strong, and reusable. It also makes a great commemorative giveaway for a travel company, golf course, or charity 5k.

And if you want to go beyond just the reduce and reuse idea of the map itself, ask for a bandanna made from organic cotton, rpet, or other green materials.

That is the pitch. Simple. Bandannas make great reusable maps.

Now let us talk about costs. Many marketers currently print tee shirts for state parks, etc., that feature a stylized map of some kind. Single color imprinted bandannas cost a fraction of the cost of tee shirts, based on order sizes. Why not take that shirt artwork and print on a bandanna as well? It is a less expensive souvenir for your audience, however it likely can be sold at a higher margin. For some audiences the uniqueness of the bandanna even has a higher perceived value than a tee shirt.

Fun runs also use tee shirts to raise money or give to participating individuals or organizations. Like towels (yes this idea works with towels as well), a bandanna is a one size fits all proposition. And a bandanna map of a course a participant has run – a completed accomplishment if you will – is much easier to display in an office or home. They can even be signed and framed as awards of achievement. Same idea for golf tournaments, bike races, and regattas.

Here is the video we did to show off some possibilities.

Great Idea for Festivals

Still the killer app for the bandanna map has got to be the hiking trail. A hiker can use this map over and over again. Printing full topographical information on a bandanna map is no problem, basically any map that works on paper can work on cloth, and have a much longer useful life. Any facility with trails needs to think about bandanna maps.

If you are an ASI distributor looking to bring bandannas into your product mix, talk to Pam Scott, Sales Director at Bandanna Promotions. If you are interested in bandanna and bandanas maps to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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