RPET Bottle Opener Cap Summer Winner

20 Aug

Hobow Caps has come to market with a sure summer winner. The new Enviro cap from Hobow is a standard style ball cap made from 100% rpet – basically the cap started life as water bottles.

The cap is available in five colors, black, khaki, pink, white, and navy. Each cap comes standard with the recycled symbol embroidered on the brim, and all caps can be screen printed or embroidered.

Ok, so we have another very nice quality 100% recycled content cap. What makes this one the summer winner? Simply this; the Enviro cap, like all Hobow caps, features a bottle opener in the cap’s reinforced brim. You will never lose your bottle opener while bass fishing again.

All jokes aside the Hobow Enviro is a very well made cap and another example of recycled content popping up in the most creative of products. The bottle opener is anchored to the brim by a metal 1.5 inch “Top Plate” which can itself be branded with full color, high definition, epoxy dome image.

Branding on both Top Plate and cap creates a useful brand doubling ability. For example a soda company might run all embroidery to read Sam’s Sodas and then run different metal dials to match the bottle caps of each separate soda flavor. Add the mix of cap colors and a creative marketer could really have some fun. Same idea for breweries.

Or just the opposite. Remove all branding but the dial for a more subtle, and perhaps more fashionable look, as in this clipping from an April 2010 Advantages article on the Hobow Caps website. The dial can really make a logo pop.

Caps have always been great branding platforms. Most everyone that spends some time outdoors has a favorite cap, and of course a cap is often a must have fashion accessory. Adding a bottle opener to the brim was just a stoke of brilliance from Hobow Caps. Taking the extra step to go eco was not necessary but very much appreciated.

If you are an ASI distributor Jim Wysopal is the contact to talk to at Hobow Caps about their entire line of bottle opening headgear. If you are interested in the Enviro cap to promote your own business or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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