Billboards Recycled into Bags

4 Aug

Here is a stunningly good idea from Landes, a market leader in custom promotional bags.

Each year organizations spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working out that perfect billboard pitch for a new product, new art exhibit at the museum, or Saturday evening rock concert. All that work goes into designing and printing billboard signage that has maybe three or four months of useful life before it is replaced.

So what to do with that beautiful signage once the event is over? Why not recycle the material into bags? The Billboard Bag series for Landes does just that.

Currently there are 10 products in the line, like the Large Grocery Billboard Tote (each bag requires approx. 6.5 sq.ft. of recycled material) and the small Billboard Check Book Cover (requires 0.78 sq.ft. of recycled material).

The full list is the Billboard Amenity Kit, Billboard Cooler, Billboard Bank Deposit Bag, Check Book Cover, Safari Pouch, Billboard Duffel, Deluxe Billboard Messenger, Structured Billboard Tote, Large Grocery Billboard Tote, and Billboard Messenger Bag.

I think these recycled bags are most powerful when paired with one time events. Imagine bags made from billboards touting the NBA finals or Daytona 500. Imagine bags from billboards used to welcome home the troops, with those same bags then used in fundraising events for those same soldiers.

These bags are all custom, one of a kind units, made in the USA. They are very durable, resistant to aging and fading  as the billboard material is designed to withstand hurricanes, hail, sun, etc., on the freeway. It is next to impossible to get two bags exactly the same even when using multiples of the same source billboards, so each unit is truly unique.

Prices run EQP $22.36 for the largest, the Billboard Duffel, to around $3.65 for the smallest, the Billboard Check Book Covers.

Think about it. A new life for all those billboards on the L.A. Freeway, and elsewhere. What an idea. The possibilities are truly amazing.

If you are in the business and want more information on the Billboard Bags from Landes contact Junior Abajuo. If you are interested in Billboard Bags to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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