QuickPoint Eco Trifecta

20 Jul

QuickPoint is currently marketing not one, not two, but three eco-friendly plastic product solutions, allowing the marketing professional a material choice that best fits their audience. And all three solutions come from U.S. grown materials.

The most famous of the three QuickPoint green lines is likely their NatureAd line. These are popular plastic items like the Eco-Logic Mug and Corn Mug Koffee Keg manufactured with all natural plastic based on renewable U.S. grown corn. Yes corn. Good to 140 degrees of your morning coffee, microwave safe, good old U.S.A Corn.

Using corn produces a product that is biodegradable over time (best results on decomposition found at municipal composting facilities), sturdy and cost effective. All items carry the MADE FROM 100% U.S. CORN PLASTIC seal. As a “is green more expensive metric,” pricing on the Corn Mug Koffee Keg is EQP $4.35. So quality to quality, the answer is no.

The second material in the QuickPoint lineup are items made with BioAd, which is a petroleum based plastic with the Bio Ad agent added to help the biodegrading process once items are placed in a landfill.  It takes longer to biodegrade (5 years)  because it is not all natural like the plant based products.  The Bio Ad ingredient is FDA approved and Prop 65 compliant and USA made.  Top sellers are items like the Pet Bowls and Trekker Mugs. The 22 oz. capacity BioAd Trekker Mugs is on year-long sale at EQP $2.89.

These products can take a lifetime of normal use, with the bio-degrading process only beginning when the products reach a landfill setting. Keep that difference in mind, NatureAd composting facility for best results, BioAd landfill setting for best results. If a client is concerned with end of life-cycle issues, these distinctions will matter.

Rounding out the Quickpoint green line is the ECOAd group of products. ECOAd items are also made from bio-polymers like the NatureAd line, but in this case the source material is soy proteins and starches from items like potatoes, wheat, tapioca, or beets.

These mugs and pens (currently there are only 4 items in this line – the Natural Plastic Koffee Keg, Natural Plastic Commuter, Eco grip pen and ECOAd Pen) are all made in the U.S.A and are 100% biodegradable (75% for pens) per ASTM standards. The commute friendly design of the Natural Plastic Commuter makes this item very popular with corporate programs, which I think is ironic as the communter is best suited to a car cup holder. The Natural Plastic Commuter runs EQP $4.99 until the end of 2010.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on QuickPoint items contact Duane Mayer. (You can also catch Tina in the BioAd video on Youtube.) If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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