Kraft Paper Lunch Bag Setting New Standard

26 Jun

Claims that brown bagging can save money and improve health are more and more common these days, and many companies and schools are working on brown bag programs to assist their employees and students in both areas.

From the aspect of a green marketing solution brown bagging lunch cuts down on fuel (no need to drive away from office) and waste (most sit-down and fast food meals have a lot more paper/trash associated with each meal). For marketers working on brown bag lunch programs, the Cadillac of brown bags has arrived from Debco.

The TO7256 Kraft Paper Lunch Bag from Debco is a grown up version of the classic brown bag. To begin with the kraft paper is laminated onto non-woven polypropylene, the same material used for most grocery totes. Second, the bag has a foam insulated main compartment with silver colored liner. Lastly, each TO7256 Kraft Paper Lunch Bag comes with a hang tag listing its pro-environment properties. The TO7256 Kraft Paper Lunch Bag is easy to wipe inside and outside clean with damp cloth and even has an outside carry pouch.

EQP on these units is $3.30 with one color imprint. Not a bad price for a reusable lunch tote of this quality.

If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information contact Jeremy Rich at Debco.

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