Eco ‘brella Sets Higher Bar

23 Jun

The new FT818 totes® Eco ‘brella™ Auto Open/Close Umbrella from Vitronic Promotional Group in my view is raising the standard for eco-friendly tote umbrellas.

The Eco ‘brella boasts a canopy made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and a frame made of 70% recycled materials. The fabric is also certified free of environmentally harmful substances.

Accents on the Eco ‘brella™ include bamboo handles and a standard single panel and tie strap printed with the “70% Recycled” message so your target audience is aware of the umbrella’s pedigree.

In addition the Eco ‘brella™ is a totes® unit, and therefor comes with the totes® lifetime warranty. The totes® brand allows you to go green and still stay with a “known” industry brand.

As I have mentioned before, the umbrella might be an overlooked idea in the promotional items market, however it must be said that umbrellas offer a large, highly visable graphics area, and are practical as giveaways, since a quality umbrella is often an item that is held on to for years. The canopy on the FT818 totes® Eco ‘brella™ Auto Open/Close Umbrella is 44in, which is a nice little billboard for your target audience to carry around for you.

The imprint area on the Eco ‘brella™ is a respectable 5in x 4in x 5 1/2in.  Standard coloring includes the grass motif, blue panels, and black panels. The cost of this unit is a bit of a premium, with one color imprint EQP pricing running $19.15, which is a bit higher than a traditonal totes® Auto Open/Close Umbrella, which runs at EQP $12.15.

The Eco ‘brella™ would work well as a giveaway or even branding tool for businesses working in the hotel and travel industries, as well as a nice item for corporate retreats. A good umbrella is hard to come by, so a quality umbrella like the Eco ‘brella™ from Vitronic Promotional Group is a great way to provide a functional branded promotional item that will stay with your target audience for a lifetime. I mentioned the warranty, right :)?

If you are an ASI member Rory Campbell is the contact to talk to at Vitronic Promotional Group. If you are interested in the Eco ‘brella™ to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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