Aakron Line Brings The Funk To Green Drinkwear

22 Jul

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into planning for the Fall festival season, Aakron Line has expanded their Mood line of Stadium Cups, Coffee Mugs, Sport Bottles and Beer Steins made from the SAFE Plastic® .

As mentioned before Aakron’s SAFE Plastic® contains an additive that makes their manufactured plastic products biodegradable. For example while petrochemical plastics would normally take from 100 to over 500 years to “biodegrade”, Aarkon SAFE Plastic® can break down in as little as 9 months, with rates of degrading varying based on conditions, thickness of plastic, etc. For more information look to Aakron’s website.

Ok, to start with let me explain what a mood cup is. Think mood ring, think the Mod Squad, think the amazing Isaac Hayes.

The Mood line from Aakron is a number of great products perfect for the party scene. They change colors when introduced to cold or hot liquids, for example changing from basic orange to a fiery tropical red, or from plain frosted to calming blue. I wish I had video of these product as pictures really do not do the transformation justice.

This is another eco-friendly product which the general public will not initially see as eco-friendly, unless they are told the full story of Aakron’s SAFE Plastic® . So aside from their obvious use at corporate events, stadiums, and fall festivals, this also makes them great for any Ecopreneurist working in a educational setting as they are a terrific conversation starter. And a lot of fun.

The items range from the 12 oz. and 17 oz. Mood Stadium Cups (EQP at $0.77 and $0.81), to 14 oz. Mood Beer Stein (EQP $1.35), to 32 oz. Mood Sports Bottle with Flexible Straw – BPA Free (EQP $1.57), to Mood 20 oz. Cycle Bottle – BPA Free (EQP $1.80) and the 11 oz., Mood Coffee Mug (EQP $3.50) – which is designed to change colors with hot liquids.

The stadium cups come with the widest range of color changes, including Pink to Purple, Blue to Purple, Yellow to Green, Orange to Tropical Red, Frosted to Blue, Frosted to Orange, Frosted to Pink, Frosted to Red, Frosted to Purple, and Frosted to Green.

If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

If you wish to learn more about the full line of Aakron SAFE Plastic® items visit their website or contact Julie Blasko at Aakron.

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