Americanna’s ReTread Line Branching Out

14 Apr

As we have written before, the Retread™ Recycled Rubber Jar Openers from Americanna are a great promotional item for any Ecopreneurist. They are light, cheap, practical, and have a large print area for your message. Best of all they are made from 100% recycled tires. Truly a presidential idea.

In 2009 Americanna has improved on the Retread™ Recycled Rubber Jar Openers by adding new shapes to the line and two new imprint colors, blue and gold, to the white and green already on offer.

In addition Americanna has expended the 100% recycled Retread™ line to include the Flat Tire™ Car Coaster, the Flat Tire™ Coaster, and the Tire Tag™ Key Fob. All great giveaways for any Ecopreneurist focusing on the auto industry, recycling or waste management solutions.

The Flat Tire™ Coasters, like the jar openers, come in a large variety of shapes – bag pictured –  well over 100. They also come in two general sizes 4″ x 4″ and 5″ x 5″. EQP starts at $0.54 for a 4″ model.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled tires, the coaster weight in a whooping 1/8″ thick – sure to protect any surface – and are available with a 2nd side imprint. Rugged, inexpensive and indestructible, what more do you want in a great non-skid coaster.

The Flat Tire™ Car Coaster comes in one size and shape, a 2.625″ x 2.5″ circle. The product is made to be placed in a car’s cup holder to keep all that grime and dirt from building up in the car.

I love this idea because a recipient would see the promotional piece each time they got in their car. Really a great idea for car dealers focusing on hybrid models and green energy cars. EQP is $0.35.

Then there is the new Tire Tag™ Key Fob which comes in three shapes, the barrel (1.5″ x 2.125″), the rectangle (1.625″ x 2.5″), and the circle (2.25″ Diameter). These units come with a 1 1/8″ steel key ring and are also 1/8″ thick. Available with a 2nd side imprint EQP pricing on the fobs is $0.60.

If you are an ASI member Michelle Stiles is the contact to talk to at Americanna. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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