Glass America Adding Ice Up and Cold Snap BPA Free Line

12 Apr

Glass America – one of the industry leader in drinkware – is continuing to add to their line of BPA free water bottles. Two new items added in 2009 are the 22 oz. Ice Up Freezer Stick Bottle and the 32 oz. Cold Snap BPA Free Bottle.

Both bottles have a flip top drink straw and include a “freeze stick” design, basically an inner core in which water can be frozen to keep the liquid in the bottle cool throughout long summer days. EQP on the Ice-Up is $4.99, EQP on the Cold Snap is $5.99. Both come in a variety of colors, both have an easy open wide mouth and a clip designed for easy handling.

The Ice-Up and Cold Snap BPA free bottles will work well for Ecopreneurists looking to market to the gym crowd, outside festivals, parks, adventure travel, etc. The added freeze stick makes this promotional item that much more likely to be retained by your target audience.

As I have mentioned before BPA free water bottles are really the only way to go if you are thinking about plastic water bottles, and as far as I can tell nearly all units in the Glass America line are BPA free. However these bottles are not made from recycled materials. Their only real claim to green is that they are reusable and therefor better than disposable water bottles.

If that enough? With promotional mugs and tumblers from Norwood, Leads and others that are made from 100% recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, how long will the industry need to wait for made from recycled material water bottles?

For recyclable bottles in the Glass America line you have to look at their aluminum and steel line.  A quick search of their website shows a number of new styles in aluminum and steel bottles as well, including the new aluminum “Bigg” 32 oz bottle available with full color print via sublimation.

But the Bigg is EQP $6.49 and still the same basic shape as most aluminum bottles. Where are the industry’s sleek and stylish, yet inexpensive, recyclable and recycled plastic water bottles? I’m waiting…

If you are an ASI distrubutor Helen Henderson is the contact to talk to at Glass America, which also goes by the name Modern Glass. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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