Color Comes to Organic Shirts

6 Apr


For a while it seemed that 100% organic cotton shirts came in one color: Natural. Well that is certainly changing, for both plain t-shirts and polos. Here are two brands I would recommend to Ecopreneurists doing apparel.

First up is the family of organic cotton shirts by Anvil which includes the Anvil 5 oz. Organic T-Shirt, Anvil 4.5 Organic Ringspun Fashion Fit T-Shirt, and Anvil 5 oz. Organic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. Alpha Apparel and Broder both stock these shirts and you can locate them from most any apparel distributor.

The Anvil organic cotton shirts come in 10 colors, including bright, festive colors like yellow haze, river blue, a nice basic red and a fun chocolate. The line is all 100% preshrunk, certified organic cotton and comes in adult and youth sizes.

As always pricing on printed t-shirts depends most on the number of shirts run and the number of colors printed on those shirts. In general you should still expect to pay a bit of a premium for organic cotton tees.

For organic cotton polos I suggest Ecopreneurists take a look at Vantage Apparel and their Organic Cotton Pique Polo. No really bright colors yet, but the shirts do come in black, brown, blue, green and navy in addition to the traditional natural color. The shirts are a 7 oz. 100% preshrunk, certified organic cotton.

The Organic Cotton Pique Polo from Vantage holds up great and takes embroidery very well. These are not your basic polos {read more about pique cotton fabric}.

The Organic Cotton Pique Polo seems much softer than a traditional cotton polo and the quality of the shirts is higher than most standard cotton polos used in our industry. These shirts are on more of an executive / professional quality footing. They would be great for Ecopreneurists looking for restaurant servers’ uniforms, club shirts, or even casual Friday business attire.

The Organic Cotton Pique Polo from Vantage also has a matching ladies cut which comes in the same colors and is in the same price point. With embroidery to 7000 stitches these shirts will run around $36 EQP.

Julia Macdonald at Vantage can answer any questions on these polos, for example if the dying process on them is also eco-friendly. If you are looking for pricing on either organic tees or polos contact your local promotional items dealer or email

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