The Crowd Goes Wild (and Green)

22 Mar

Have you heard of BamBams? Sports fans around the world love these best-selling noisemakers. When inflated and sealed, they are hit together for loud cheering fun. Add a bit of custom imprinting and you get a lasting promo item fans go nuts over.

Well Benn Chazan over at BamBams wrote me the other day to say that these very mainstream items are going green.

That’s right sports fans, picture waving, crazy crowds of pure adrenaline all going green at once and likely not even knowing about it.

Seriously, sport and concert crowds are huge. It is great when mass appeal products like the BamBams can be produced in a more eco-friendly manner.

From Benn’s email, “The Bio-Degradable BamBams are a green product when put in comparison to the standard product arrangement.  In both cases, the product is made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) and thus, is recyclable [as a #4 plastic].  The difference is that the bio-degradable material is made with an additive in the plastic pellet mixture – approximately 1 : 100 ratio of additive : standard PE.  This additive effectively weakens the PE’s structure enough that it can biodegrade over a relatively short time when disposed of … This biodegradable PE has an estimated time of about 18 months [assuming managed composting facility] until it has degraded to only water/carbon.”

Since normal BamBams might sit around for a few decades, I would say anything under a few years would be a great improvement. Ecopreneurist working with sports programs, universities, concerts and other large events need to really take a look at this product. What else is going to be green and fit your half crazed fan so well?

For more information take a look at the BamBams website (FYI not a lot there is eco-friendly). For pricing please email us at

One Response to “The Crowd Goes Wild (and Green)”

  1. Ryan Person February 10, 2011 at 9:44 PM #

    We also offer many other great eco-friendly products from golf balls, to lanyards, to these BamBams, and more!

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