Norwood's Fashionable 100% Organic Shoper

6 Mar

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Simonetta Freelance, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy (see John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

I have written about Norwood before, they are one of the lions in our industry in terms of size, product line and experience. In 2009 Norwood is continuing to expand their line of promotional items with green and eco-friendly credentials, including several new organic cotton totes.

Finding the right tote is always a bit of a hassle for marketing teams, and with convention season and indeed Earth Day right around the corner, many Ecopreneurists want to make sure their bags stand out in the crowds.

Well, Norwood’s new Organic Wide Handle Tote is a great example of a fashionable yet practical tote bag that does stand out, and that most Ecopreneurist would be proud to brand with their company or organization name.

Made from 7 oz. 100% certified organic cotton duck the bag boasts a modern, streamlined design, spacious main compartment and extra large imprint area. Norwood even offers a 24hr turn on this bag, so it is available for last minute projects.

According to Norwood, the majority of the organic cotton fabric they use comes from Indian growers with the fabric being produced by certified raw material suppliers in that country. The cotton is certified organic under the scheme of GOTS and the Organic Exchange by the Control Union (formerly known as SKAL) which is internationally accepted. All organic cotton used by Norwood is certified by the Control Union, regardless of the source of the material.

At an EQP of $8.79 the Organic Wide Handle Tote is three times the cost of the E3635 basic organic cotton tote from Debco at EQP $2.78, but that comparison is not fair.

The EQP price for Debco’s E3635 basic tote is based on an order of 1000 units with a minimum order of 100 units, while the EQP on Norwood’s new Organic Wide Handle Tote is based on an order of 250 units, with a minimum run of only 25 units. Go over EQP quantities, and prices drop for both bags.

Also – in my opinion – the bags serve different functions, the Organic Wide Handle Tote from Norwood is a marketing bag out to make a statement, the E3635 is a basic bag for wide distribution, think grocery chains, etc.

Norwood also offers an Organic Cotton Bargain Bag, an Organic Drawstring Backpack and a few organic cotton golf pouches (Norwood’s main line hold a very strong golf portfolio so that is not as strange as it sounds).

For more information on the Organic Wide Handle Tote from Norwood or Debco’s E3635 basic organic cotton tote visit these companies online. If you would like more information on pricing or perhaps get samples so you can compare the two totes for yourself, email or contact your local promotional items provider.

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