Avaline Corn Lanyards

8 Jan

The 2009 eco products are starting to show up. Avaline has improved their eco-friendly lanyard made from 100% PLA (a corn fabric that is biodegradable according to Avaline).

What can I say? It is a lanyard, not a lot of excitement here, but if you are doing an event it is a nice touch to have a lanyard that will break down once it reaches the landfill.

For green event companies these items or similar should be a no brainer. Organic cotton is also popular as are PET lanyards.

At EQP $1.40 for a 1inch wide lanyard pricing is still about your standard cotton units, but this product from Avaline has a clearer reproduction (screen printing) on the lanyard itself.

Also these are all custom dyed lanyards, there are no stock colors so matching to event or booth or product or company or team or store colors is simple.

Price includes one color/one side imprint, standard 36″ length lanyard made of 100% PLA, standard clip (lots of upgraded attachments available).

For more on these items visit the Avaline website or contact us for pricing at info@proformagreen.com.

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