The Other Shoe – Flash Drives Prices Plummet

5 Dec

Quick note. Did you here that. As I mentioned earlier we have been expecting the price of flash drives – both traditional and eco-friendly PET, Recycled PVC, WoodenBamboo – to drop because of the glut of flash memory coming to market as the sale of retail electronics is hit by the economic downturn.

Well just in time for the holidays here comes the drop. Basic drives with one color logo are now going EQP $6.50 for 1GB drives or less, EQP $8.25 for 2GB and EQP $13.51 for 4GB from most suppliers. If you have been thinking about drives for your 2008 year end gifts or for 2009 1st quarter marketing projects now is the time to contact your friendly neighborhood promotional items company. US Flash, US Modular, PNY, FlashDirectHirsch Gift (great green drives) you name the company and they are running sales, the bottom is slipping out of the market.

This pricing will last until the glut works its way through the system, then prices will stabilize… maybe.

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One Response to “The Other Shoe – Flash Drives Prices Plummet”

  1. Global Patriot December 5, 2008 at 12:21 PM #

    I spent many years in the electronics industry, and the memory market was always the most volatile, especially when demand dropped and inventory had to be moved at any price. Good news for consumers, but not so good for the manufacturers.

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