Eco Friendly Bar?

6 Nov

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Simonetta Freelance, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy (see John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry

I wrote a little while ago about paper products with flower seeds in them and whether I thought they were green or not.

Well recently in doing some research for Intrepid Travel – a very cool, very green client – I located these eco-friendly bar coasters made of a paper from recycled linen and embedded with flower seeds.

So in this instance the coasters are green to start with and the added flower seeds are a selling point. Anyway, I think these things are genius, I mean really what a great idea.

I think I am so taken with them because trying to get a green theme into a bar setting is normally a challenge, but these coasters are green, practical and cheap. Just perfect.

Any Ecopreneurist with a coffee house, bar, restaurant, brew pub or beer or wine line can likely work them into their marketing plan with no problem as they are likely already purchasing coasters.

On top of that, the coasters provide a huge print area for your message and come in a few different shapes and sizes. The manufacturer of these coasters is Floral Promotions (yes they are one of the companies doing seeds in paper) out of Tampa Florida.

Please visit their website or contact us at if you would like more information on these eco-friendly coasters.

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