Soy Candles, Ideas from PPAI Tradeshow

10 Oct

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of ProformaGreen, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

All you North American eco hotels, yoga studios, cafes, craft shops and spas, rejoice. There is finally a US company making soy candles in the US from US materials that can do large scale runs.

Decarte Products pronounced “Da Kart” specializes in creating a premium fragrance 100% soy candle, and they were at the Promotional Products Association International event in Fort Worth showing off their new line.

The best thing about this company – aside from the US manufacturing – is that they specialize in candles only, unlike most other manufactures that carry candles, if at all, as an after thought.

Why soy?

This is the answer Decarte gives on their website.

Clean Burning — Soy wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin, with no petrol-carbon soot, which can blacken walls, ceilings, and furniture. Unlike regular paraffin candles, soy won’t contaminate ventilation in your home, or add toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe.

Long Burning — Soy candles burn slower and cooler than paraffin wax, creating a longer burning candle.

Efficient — Soy candles ” burn evenly” across the top so that all wax is used.

Renewable Resource — Soybeans are a renewable source, unlike paraffin, which consists of petroleum.

Biodegradable — Since soybeans are vegetables, soy wax (basically made from hydrogenated soybean oil) is naturally biodegradable. Soy wax is also easier to remove from materials and other surfaces than paraffin wax.

Helps the Farmers — Buying soybean products creates important economic growth for the agricultural sector of the U.S. economy. Soy candles are simply better for you, your family and the environment.

Decarte chooses to use a 100% natural, all vegetable soy wax, made from soybeans farmed in the USA and they claim the Decarte Soy Wax is so pure that is can be eaten.

For more information email Jesse at or contact us at

And yes, they do sell to the public.

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