100% Recycled PVC Flash Drives, Ideas from PPAI Tradeshow

6 Oct


There were a number of green and eco-friendly flash drives on display at the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) event in Fort Worth last weekend including the T530 Riclado made from 100% Recycled PVC and show at the event by Hirsch Gift.

Hirsch lists these items as being made from post-consumer materials that have completed their life cycle and would otherwise have been disposed of as solid waste.

Hirsch also points out the T530 casing is manufactured with post-consumer recyclables collected in commercial & residential recycling programs. That is a nice touch for Ecopreneurists looking for a local tie-in.

Of course I am assuming the PVC is a fungible commodity so although the PVC comes from commercial & residential recycling programs there is no telling if they come from your local commercial & residential recycling programs.

Like most flash drives the T530 is RoHS compliant.

Hirsch was also showing off their cherry wood and bamboo drives.

Hirsch was not alone in showcasing eco-friendly drives at the event as other manufactures including All-in-One also where there to display new drives. This week I also got information on over 20 new bodies available in rosewood, maple and bamboo from U.S. Flash & Technologies.

It looks like eco-friendly flash drives are here to stay and options will continue to increase in availability. I expect an industry wide price drop to come sooner than later.

For more information on these drive visit the manufacturers websites or look at our overview page at www.proformagreen.com.

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